Remote Data Backup

August 25, 2015

Peace of Mind is knowing our business Data is safe and recoverable.

Do you have a data recovery plan in place, when data loss occurs?

A survey by Ontrack has shown the major causes of data loss to be hardware malfunction and human error (82%of the cases), followed by software corruption, Virus and natural disaster. When it comes to backing up your data, not having a plan is planning for disaster!

Protect how you do business.

Help safeguard your organization’s essential information from pandemic events, natural disasters and equipments failures. In the event that your business data is compromised, secure and fully redundant data centres can allow you to restore lost information quickly and help you minimize business downtime.

Worry Free Backup:

Remote Backup Services from IT Service Zone is a centrally managed, internet based, fully automated protection service. IT Service Zone has partnered with Data Deposit Box to deliver secure, reliable and efficient backups which clients can benefitĀ  from.

Key Benefits:

1. Just BDT. 200/Gb, No hidden fees, no license fees. Backup as many computers as you want under the same low monthly rate.

2. You make change, remove, add and it gets instantly saved automatically. This means no delays and no heavy backup period time slowing your computer down.

3. We keep multiple version of every saved files, so you can restore older or deleted version of your files.

4. On-site data encryption prior to transmission reduces security threats.

Please contact us to determine your company’s need.