Landing page

December 22, 2015

landing-page“Houston, we have a problem!”. The problem with many websites is that they receive a good number of visits, but few conversions : that the visitors sail, you lose the pages, including the menu and not come out alive, but also is not “convert” that is not buy, do not sign up to the newsletter, do not contact us for information about your services or a quotation.
If you also have this problem, the solution is alanding page .

What is a landing page?
As the name implies, the landing page is a landing page, where to get visitors and convince them unequivocally to take that action that we want to do them and they often fail to make the site main web.

What is a landing page?
– to sell services
– to launch products (new or old it does not matter)
– to promote events
– to get course enrollments
– to get newsletter signups

How is made ​​a landing page?
The landing page is generally a page external to the company website, with a very attractive design, immediate, which provides all the needed information to the visitor and convince him with a strong call to action to click on the “buy” or “subscribe”. There should be no external links on the page, which can distract the visitor, the way forward must be well defined: land-read-click.

Why should I use a landing page when I have my own website?
Because you can create different landing page for each segment of the target of its business: a different person, different deals.
Why do you want to promote the sale of a particular product (a with many new product or inventory), which hardly would emerge in the midst of all the other articles of the store.
To enhance and strengthen an advertising campaign online, using Google AdWords or social networks , and maximize the conversion rate.

Still not convinced that a landing page is the tool for you?
Contact Vision Modern, your web agency for Vicenza: together we will evaluate your situation and help you create a landing page with a unique design, which catches on your potential customers and make them convert to your business!